Our Vineyard

We believe that you can only make a great wine if you’ve got great fruit to make it with.

At Wild Orchid, we take pride in growing premium fruit and turning that into great wines for you to enjoy.

Autumn vyd view Merlot bunch Wild Orchid's Brad pruning in the vineyard


Our Wild Orchid Vineyard is based on our Boyup Brook property in the picturesque Blackwood Valley wine region of WA.

Our vines face north to catch our abundant hours of sunlight on gravelly loam soils and are irrigated through summer from our two huge catchment dams. We use an integrated pest management system and a sulphur spray program in summer to prevent any mildews or pest attacks. As harvest approaches, we regularly test the sugars in the fruit to gauge ripeness and the perfect time to pick to ensure quality wines. We select small parcels of fruit for our Wild Orchid wine range and also sell fruit to other wine producers. White grape varieties ripen earlier than reds, so we will often have four to five different ‘picks’ or harvests in each season.

Once the grapes have been harvested, the vines are given a good drink and left to age gracefully into autumn colours. Once the entire vineyard has been harvested, we let the pregnant sheep in amongst the vine to fatten up on the mid-row grass, vine leaves and any left over grapes. During winter, when the vines are dormant, we prune the vines and manage the foliage wires to prepare for the next season’s growth. The vineyard also gets its annual maintenance and prunings are swept and mulched back into the soil.

We manage our vineyard and farm to ensure that we produce the highest quality produce while ensuring the health of our property’s soil, water and biodiversity for the future.

If you see us working in the vines as you drive past, give us a friendly toot of the horn – its great to know we’ve got mates on the road.